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Dragon Digital Portable

Portable Digital system
Image Receptor
Model : Varian PaxScan 2520E
Receptor Type: CsI Armorphous Silicon
Pixel Area: 19.5 X 24.4 cm
Resolution: 3.94 lp/mm
Scan Type: Progessive
Data Interface: Gigabit Ethernet
A/D: 14 Bit

X-Ray tube
Anode Type: Stationary Anode
Filtration: 2.7mm al Minimun
Target Material: Tungsten
Focal Spot: 0.5mm
Anode Capacity: 20,000 HU Storage
Target Angle: 15 Degrees

Class: HF Resonant Inverter
Line Voltage: 115VAC 60 Hz
Battery Power: App. 30 Exposures
kVp Range: 40-80 kVp, adjustable in
1 kv increments
mA Range: 10 mA fixed - closed
loop regulation
mAs Range: 0.1 - 30.0
Indicators: Digital Display of kVp, & mAs

Type: Multileaf Adjustable
SID Indicator: Tape Measurer
Angle Indicator: Inclinometer
Positioner: Laser

CPU: Intel DuoCore 2.8G
Hard Drive: 10,000 RPM SATA 80G
Display: 19” LCD Touch Screen
OS Platform: Window XP Pro
Storage Media: CD-R, DVD-R, USB
DICOM Format: 3.0 Send
DICOM Format: Worklist


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