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Trans Cranial Doppler & Robotic Probe

Transcranial Doppler ,Monitoring System ,Emboli Detection , M-MODE ,Robotic Probe



EMS-9U system main unit
Professional TCD software
2MHz PW probe
4MHz CW probe
Remote control


Functions & Features
1.Multi-depth M-wave
It can quickly obtain blood flow signals of different sampling depths and realize the following functions:
a. To find blood vessel quickly, improve detection efficiency.
b. To compare spectrum of lesion and normal region to help diagnosis of vascular spasm and stenosis.
c. To observe the moving trace of embolus and distinguish them.
2.Free Match, Flexible Application
Compact EMS-9U main unit, connected to the tabletop or laptop computer through USB interface, can be used as a tabletop or portable TCD. For spot check, it can be packed in a lap top computer bag, so it is very easy to carry.
3.Audio & Spectrum Storage and Playback
It can record complete clinical information including audio & spectrum for follow-up and consultation. Full digital design enables the synchronous playback without time limitation, demonstration of the audio and spectrum on a computer, which is convenient for scientific research and communication.
4.Professional Thrombus Detection and Record
With professional thrombus-distinguishing technology, automatically detect and record embolus, synchronous playback of embolus spectrum and audio.
5.Auto Report Output and Preview
Some report templates and usual diagnosis opinions are included to improve convenience for doctor to edit diagnosis report, and the report can easily be outputted and used in different computers. The reports could be converted into slide document and make you enjoy its flexibility and freedom.
6.Probe with Frequency Conversion Function
It’s easy to get suitable and best sampling frequency for different patients. We can take lower sampling frequency to improve penetrability for old patients while take higher sampling frequency to improve the quality of Doppler image for children. It helps us to obtain the best connection point of penetrability and image quality. Furthermore, it is helpful for distinguishing air-embolus from solid-embolus.
7.Continuous Monitoring System
Under dynamic monitoring mode, multi-channel & multi-depth work mode could be chosen, and tend diagram of dynamic monitoring is helpful for doctor to evaluate cerebral hemodynamics of the patient.

EMS9-UA With Robotic Probe


EMS9-U2 Lap Top Mode

EMS9-W Routine


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