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Enhanced External Counter Pulsation

بازتوانی قلبی - ای سی پی

ECP therapy uses a computer-controlled device to inflate and deflate three sets of compression cuffs that are wrapped around the patient’s legs and buttocks. Treatment is delivered during one-hour sessions, five days a week, for seven weeks. External Counter pulsation (ECP) treatment is a noninvasive, outpatient procedure to relieve angina by improving perfusion in areas of the heart deprived of adequate blood supply. Clinical trials have confirmed the benefits of ECP treatment. They include: symptomatic relief of angina unresponsive to medical therapy, improved blood flow to deprived areas of heart muscle demonstrated by the results of thallium stress testing, elimination or reduction of nitrate use, improved ability to exercise. In a 3-year, follow-up study, the majority of patients remained free of angina and showed persistent improvements in their thallium scans.

Patients and their families usually report noticeably greater ability to engage in daily activity. Patients usually receive ECP treatment for 35 hours divided into one or two 60-minute treatment sessions five days per week. Patients who undergo two treatment sessions in one day rest between sessions.

The Development of EECP in China and Abroad

The EECP and ECP experienced over 50 years from the theory to the practice. In 1950’s, the American Scientist Mr. Kantrowitz advanced the concept of EECP,and it later comes into Internal Counter pulsation & External Counter pulsation .In 1960’s,American scientists Mr. Soroff and Mr. Birtwell established the first EECP Device which used for the human being. In 1970’s,an sequence –modal EECP device designed by Mr.Cohen was used for the clinical coronary heart disease, And it attracted the attention in American Heart Disease Field. But as the PTCA is popularized, the EECP technology was aborted.. In the middle of 1970’s,Dr.Zhen zeng sheng set up the sequence –modal EECP technology, and the first & second generation of EECP Device came out. And it is used for the clinical since 1980’s.Until 1990’s, the PTCA occupied the field of curing the Heart Diseases as PTCA is popularized in China. At the same time, for the disadvantages of software and hardware in EECP, the application of EECP isn’t popularized until 1990’s in China.

And now after several years of exploration and research by the Chinese EECP researchers, a new modal of EECP Device have been researched out by them on the basis of a lot of clinical practices and research work. This new modal of EECP Device optimizes its designing parameters, and utilizes the electronic, mechanical, high-tech computer technology with the biomedicine engineering technology. The new modal of EECP Device has already gotten the approval by FDA in America for its treatment for the coronary heart disease, and it is accepted for the heart failure treatment (heart disease due to the disturbance of blood circulation.).At present, after rethink for the PTCA, the heart researchers (in AHA) suggest that the EECP should be used together with PTCA and the medicine simultaneously.

And it showed that the EECP can reduce the patient’s dosage for the medicine, for the patient who plan to do PTCA, it bears smaller risk; for the patient who already done the PTCA, it can prevent and cure its syndromes; at the same time, the EECP can improve the patient’s enduring capacity and life quality. At present, the technology of EECP in USA has gotten a remarkable status.
Now the Europe, North America, Middle East and Southeast of Asia gradually apply the EECP technology. And China is starting a new EECP revolution upon the influence by the America & Europe countries, The government has organized the research for the clinical practice of EECP for curing the coronary heart disease.. The Chinese scholars pay more attention to the application of EECP with a scientific attitude, and they reconfirm the treatment value and application status of the EECP. As the China EECP technology tops in the world, we believe that it will come to a new era.
The new modal of EECP possesses the character of high-intelligence, highly automatic, low noise and small capacity. It works more efficient, safe and

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