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  ام آر آی 1.5 تسلا  12 و 16 کانال 

Introducing a totally new system allowing our developers the freedom of creating capabilities not encumbered by previous system designs.
Reliant’s 1.5t Prestige MRI system increases your ROI.
12 Channel & 16 channel state of the art system with low Boil off magnet.
Its design allows ease of operation and long term reliability while offering all of the features of more expensive systems.
Prestige provides the resolution and speed to deliver an authoritative diagnosis while including the scanning protocols required to minimize artifacts in the most difficult examinations.
With a complete assortment of clinical applications available, you will have the ability to serve all types of patients and fulfill the diagnostic requirements of your referring physicians. Scan, revealing venous structures to your colleagues very small hemorrhages or malformations allowing corrective therapies to immediately begin.

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