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Trans Cranial Doppler & TCCD Carotid Dupplex

دستگاه تی سی دی داپلکس کاروتید

Transcranial Doppler with Carotid Imaging Diagnosis and Monitoring Workstation
The Transcranial Doppler diagnosis and monitoring workstation shall be laptop designed for better storage and transportation.
The system shall be run on Windows® XP Professional or Windows 7 base for easy upgrade
The system shall be configurable to allow optimal operation via mouse control, remote control or keyboard control, according to the preference of the user.
The system shall be configurable to allow user to assemble with desirable parts, such as laptop, printer, probes and so on in order to perform different applications.
The system shall be able to work with robotic probe, the automatic monitoring device, which can solve the basic problem in the practice of long-term TCD monitoring, and it can track and restore the best signal.
The workstation shall be able to use for the following application:
Detection of Intracranial stenosis
Detection of vasospasm due to subarachnoid hemorrhage
Detection of arteriovenous malformations (AVMs)

1MHZ PW Transducer 
Feature: Strong penetration capability for examination through temporal window of the middle and senior aged people of high degree of bone calcification  
2HMZ PW Transducer
Feature:High-sensitivity, long life cycle, for temporal examination of normal people
2MHz PW Transducer
Features:Concave focusing, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference, for temporal examination
4MHZ CW Transducer
Features:High S/N ratio, for neck and extremities vascular examination
8MHZ CW Transducer
Features:Small diameter, fine image, suitable for extremities and peripheral vascular examinations 
16MHZ PW Transducer
Features: Smaller diameter, higher resolution image, suitable for animal experiments and intra-operative vessel surface examination










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