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Neonates Radiography System

The NeoRay DR consists of a portable flat panel receptor integrated with a compact yet powerful full feature workstation, and highly portable X-Ray system.
The NeoRay DDR Portable X-Ray system is the first system with designed criteria focus to meet the special needs of the NICU department.

System advantages:

Small footprint, light weight, easier maneuverability and positioning

Low KW, X-Ray system, 0.5mm focal spot X-Ray tube

Compact Flat Panel Image Receptor, for easy positioning

Requires less radiation than traditional CR and Gadox DR technologies

Complete on-board full function Workstation

High contrast 19” flat touch screen monitor, displays images within
seconds after x-ray exposure at bedside
Improve your neonates’ outcome and enhance early discharge
Provide the highest standard of care possible to your tiniest of patients
The Workstation consist of a high performance imaging processor. Full array of processing and display features such as: auto image optimization, automatic shutters, image annotation, measuring tools, image enhancement tool, and DICOM CD burner.
The system is fully DICOM 3 compliant and provides the capability to send images to your existing DICOM network for storage, and retrieve patient information from Worklist


The highly portable X-Ray system is designed to be easily moved from incubator to incubator and into the delivery room as needed.
The light weight compact system is designed for ease of positioning, while occupying minimal floor space.
The CsI Amorphous Silicon flat panel receptor offers astounding image quality, yet due to increased sensitivity requires less radiation to generate images as compared to CR technologies.
Its compact size allows for ease of use in the neonatal environment where space is critical.
Its simplicity of operation and almost instant display of high resolution X-Ray images after an exposure makes the NeoRay DR the perfect system for the NICU environment.

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