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Company Introduction

Nano Tadjhiz Partian Engineering Inc. is a stock company in Iran with the ticker symbol "NTP". Its main business is medical equipment and imaging systems specially”MRI Systems”, “CT-Scanner & Radiography Tubes” , ”Radiography Systems”,  “Ultrasound machine” , “Transcranial Doppler” , ”Laboratory Equipments” ,”Cardiac Instruments” and ”Training & maintenance”.

Partian Corp. is the exclusive representation of many international companies working in the field of medical equipments. We sell, install, train and maintain medical and Imaging Systems and equipments such as MRI Systems , Radiography Systems,CT-Scanner and Radiography tubes , Transcranial Doppler (TCD) and Duplex carotid TCCD, Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP), Helicobacter pylori analyzer (C14-UBT test) , Cardio Vascular Instruments Balloon & Stents, Ultrasound machines , Needle Free Injectors and some disposable medical equipment like Hemodialisys membrane.


NTP Inc. managers and staffs


NTP Inc. was officially established by a group of highly educated and experienced member of board in August 2001 and now It does this through 25 wholly owned subsidiaries in provinces of Iran, all the managers have a great background and history in medical equipment and business.

The managing director  of  NTP Inc. is an Electronic Engineer  with  18  years of managing experience in such companies as Sales or/and technical manager , COO and vice president .

The scientific and technical manager of NTP Inc. has a PhD in Biomedical Engineering with 9 years of teaching experience in the main universities of Iran including the Univ. of Tehran, and the Medical School of Iran University as an associate professor.

The sales manager has a long period of 30 years of experience in sales, installation and maintenance of most medical imaging systems especially in Radiography, Ultrasounds & CT-scanners.


NTP Inc. is located in one of the main medical business centers within the Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

NTP Inc. has 11 staff members in main office, 14 employees in sales and after sales department and about 90 staff members in subsidiaries on provinces.

Improve quality, on time training and Maintenance is most important policy of NTP Inc. We decide to introduce new TCD and robotic probe, C14 UBT analyzer and EECP in here, also expanding products, developing new production techniques and raise margins is our obligation.


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